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Steel backed split piston pin bushes are used in diesel engines.

How would one of those work for a T/S bush on a bsa?

These would be VP10 as a Vandervell made Bush or SY if a Glacier bush. Chemically the same, Vandervell cast on steel, Glacier sintered onto steel. Difficulty is finding the right sized bush.....
So here's the story behind my question. BTW, thanks to everyone for the very useful comments.

I don't like the solid T/S bushes commonly available these days so I dug around online and found a John Deere steel backed pin bush.

It is too long, but the OD is a nice press fit in the original A10 steel outer. The unfinished ID is about .015" under standard T/S journal diameter.

There is some fiddly work to get it all pinned and drilled but from what I am hearing, it sounds like it should work pretty well. The factory oil hole is a little big though.