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Nicely written Trev.

There are a lot of good one piece bushes on the market.. heck theres a lot of people putting many miles on them. Just depends who did the machining and who made the bush.

I think this is where companies like SRM (in the UK and others around the world) do good. I don't like everything they do, but I do like most things and wouldn't considering going anywhere else for the "same part" The bush I have recently had fitted is one of their PB ones.

I have a one piece bush in my A65 , fitted it back in the 80s, - 10 i think so far so good but time will tell..........i have an idea it was silicon bronze, it kind of felt and looked greasy.....I showed it to a top tradesman at some dump i was working at and he told me it was silicon bronze he said excellent material for your bike YOUNG fella DANG young fella ( i was so broke in those days i got the bush in approval and told the seller i wanted it looked at by a top turner and if he said the material was no good i could take it back)

One thing for sure is i bet the cheapskates who spin up this aftermarket stuff wont be using that material! , to them if its yellow its bronze

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