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PB is too hard IMHO
I always prefer LG 2 or 85-5-5-5
Which al almost as strong and has the added avantage of the lead lubricating the bush should the oil pressure fail.

LG2 (leaded gun metal bronze) is excellent material for this application , as i mentioned who knows how many posts ago on this thread its what i used when i redid the bush on my A10 after a catastrophic failure (threw a rod)
I've just been back through the thread, and can't find where you referenced the material you used. It's good to have confirmation that LG2 is an appropriate material for this application.
You noted that you made a replacement insert for the original steel shell.
Would LG2 be a suitable material for a one-piece bush to use in a flogged-out timing side crankcase, or would it be better to make an oversize steel housing? Alternatively, would sleeving the case be suitable?

DANG you are right i did mention making a new inner for a good original steel sheel and did think i had said i used LG2 , i though so anyhow . I must have mentioned it in some other similar thread.

Fact remains that its what i DID use LG2 ( lead gun metal) ... the bottom end has come out really well using this material i made it with minimal clearance but obviously enough as it has not shown a hint of nipping up and on first oil change after maybee 100 miles there were zero sparklies in the oil ...

but to your question: i recon it would be perfect to make a solid replacement bush out of ....it is actually a fair bit harder that the standard phosphor bronze the after market bush makers CLAIM they use , but who knows what they actually do use ?

Thing is when you buy material from a trade only engineering supply merchant and specify a grade you can be sure that is what you will get!

without knowing just how "flogged out" the case is its a bit hard (and maybe misleading to offer to much of an opinion . but i would say i would avoid bushing the case it would end up being a very thin bush(more like a shim) and possibly not as rigid as a single case/bearing interface , effectively you would be bushing a bush

if you recon its only say 5 or so thou i would just make a slightly oversize LG2 solid bush and be prepared to spend a lot of time on some careful hand scrapping

Trevor (despite our history of disagreements) is a very knowledgeable metallurgist and if he says LG2 is the best material i would go with that ...the fact myself and Trevor are on the same page says it all IMO .........all i am realy saying is that is what i used and it has worked very well (probably around 5k miles by now)

Trevor can give you the technical reasons its good for teh application , all i can say is i used it and it was great

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