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PB is too hard IMHO
I always prefer LG 2 or 85-5-5-5
Which al almost as strong and has the added avantage of the lead lubricating the bush should the oil pressure fail.

LG2 (leaded gun metal bronze) is excellent material for this application , as i mentioned who knows how many posts ago on this thread its what i used when i redid the bush on my A10 after a catastrophic failure (threw a rod)
I've just been back through the thread, and can't find where you referenced the material you used. It's good to have confirmation that LG2 is an appropriate material for this application.
You noted that you made a replacement insert for the original steel shell.
Would LG2 be a suitable material for a one-piece bush to use in a flogged-out timing side crankcase, or would it be better to make an oversize steel housing? Alternatively, would sleeving the case be suitable?