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PB is too hard IMHO
I always prefer LG 2 or 85-5-5-5
Which al almost as strong and has the added avantage of the lead lubricating the bush should the oil pressure fail.

LG2 (leaded gun metal bronze) is excellent material for this application , as i mentioned who knows how many posts ago on this thread its what i used when i redid the bush on my A10 after a catastrophic failure (threw a rod)

It machines really well and you can raise a really good finish on it straight off the tool when you use zero or negative rake single point cutters. Also it cuts true to size

What i do find quite amusing is how some of the experts who go on about line reaming etc claim you must use a really sharp multi flute reamer ! This is exactly the wrong tooling to use on bronze alloys , Sharp rake tools will dig in and cut oversize , but once again what would i know All the dedicated brass/bronze reamers or drills , particularly spade drills ,I ever used in the manufacturing industry (plumbing hardware etc ) were all ground with a negative rake leading edge

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