"I have learned that the simple placement of a washer can ruin freindships."
John Healy

There are two washers on a 1963-70 650 twin that gets UK, and some US, "experts" in-a-twist. Now I have found when it comes to some real type-A UK Triumph "experts" when told by an American (what the Hxll do we know about Triumph's, now really) that his washers are wrong, they loose it. You know the reaction where the veins start bulging out of their necks. Been there, done that!

I've started looking around for the addendums that Mr. Healy mentioned. So far I've found just two and neither seems to relate to any parts books that I've been able to find for the years they cover.


The above update sheet refers to Triumph 650 1964 #2 in the series:


So if you found the mother load there would be in the range of 50 of them for the Triumph models. But the job doesn't start there. You still have to gather the ones for the US West Coast, General Export and Domestic.

You also have to consider all of the individual bulletins published over the years to correct the corrections and updated part numbers, part numbers with several iteration of the parts, etc. I still think paper is the way to go with this. There would be no problem with copyrights updating the addendum sheets. That way if someone was restoring a 1964 650 he would have all the information in one place.

David Gaylin used to sell parts books that included the addendum sheets for the East Coast models. I think he called himself Motorcycle Days.

He was able to get a huge collection of paper from the dumpster when Baltimore closed. Several years back he sold the collection off piece by piece on e-bay and private sales. I don't know where all of the paper went. I wanted to buy it to add to my collection but he wanted too much money so I passed.