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Kibblewhite offers crank bushings with no steel liner...


I think those are superior to the brit bike bits bush in the link that NickL posted :

Because you can machine them to fit. Buy an undersize and bore/ream it as required.

But what ticks me off is the 'blurb' on the Britishbikebits web page :

Why is that? No reason offered. Just 'scaremarketing'. But here is the catch-22 :

>Procedure as per workshop manual, Old bush to be pressed out and securing pegs removed.
>New bush to be pressed in and line reamed to suit crank, then pegged to stop it turning in the housing
>Please note that this is only suitable for standard size

You have to 'line ream' to suit the crank, but the bush is in standard size only. So, unless your crank has magically
expanded in diameter, you can't ream a standard size bush to fit a used crank. Even if you could, the reamer would
rip out the wafer thin bearing material. Unless you have a brand new, unused crank, this bush is useless to you.
This is the kind of supplier BS that just irritates the heck out of me.

"Oh, you followed our instructions and your big end seized and the con rod poked a hole in the crankcase? Yes sir,
we stand right behind our product. We will refund you the price of the bushing."