Hey BigBars, thanks for that very useful piece of information.

The fact remains, though, that making corrections to pdf's would be a cumbersome approach for all the other reasons which I mentioned.

I should mention also that TED's error lists are searchable, copy & paste-able, and eventually downloadable as .csv (retrievable with any spreadsheet program) as well as html - all without any concerns over copyright violation.

I've started looking around for the addendums that Mr. Healy mentioned. So far I've found just two and neither seems to relate to any parts books that I've been able to find for the years they cover.


https://partsbooks.britishonly.com/...TriumphPartsToolsAccessoriesCombined.pdf (pajge 3)

Anyone have an idea where the mother lode of these documents might be?

Bruce Miller
aka The Hermit
The Bonnie Ref: https://www.hermit.cc/tmc/om/manual.htm