Bruce the basis for this already exists in the form of the addendum sheets supplied by TriCor for the East Coast parts books. These are errors know by the distributor at the time they launched the model. They cover most of the popular east coast models, and years. Get yourself a set of these and you will be far ahead of the game.

If I was to set out to do this I would forget the data base and make PDF (you can edit PDF's) copies of each year, and model, parts books with the changes made in the book. These would include, where appropriate (basically the east coast models), the changes listed on the addendum sheets. This way someone working on that year, and model, had instant reference to the part in question. This is what a working set of dealers parts books would look like. This is how they survived all these years. Then you would need a set from the West Coast books, the General Export books and the domestic books.

I have learned that the simple placement of a washer can ruin freindships.