But as I mentioned early in this thread Ed V is the only shop doing it in the U.S. that I’m aware of and he’s got a fair back log of engines awaiting that conversion.

Ed does great work, but so does Frank Deihl. Frank has been doing them for years. Classic Cycle Works Georgetown SC [email protected]

A lot of people who fit new timing side bushings finish sizing the bushing so as little material has to be removed from the crankshaft. They bore/ream hole until it cleans up and then have the crankshaft ground to give it the required .001" to .0015" clearance. They don't grind the shaft first and then size the hole. It is far easier to grind the shaft accurately as it is to ream/bore the bearing in the case. Also you only have to remove only the amount required from the crankshaft, and not go in increments of .010". There is no law that you have to go in .010" increments.