how on earth has my A65 ever lasted 50 years with neither modification. And the A10s even longer ?

besides all the technical reasons for either it is simply NOT ORIGINAL! , but i suppose I dont have rubber tires i have compound ones , thats bad enough!

Nick fact is these days you don't really have to look under a cars bonnet cant do anything anyway so if it wont go call the towies , I am not intimidated by electronics at all its just that i simply dont understand it ... I can do basic electrical stuff but thats about it... if i put a screwdriver across my points i know i have power , I can SEE IT !

I recon we should go back to Model As ..they had 3 wires going to the engine , that was 2 too many in my opinion

"There's the way it ought to be and there's the way it is" (Sgt Barnes)