BUT to get back to the point I was initially trying to make :

I recon most of the time "line boring, align reaming " call it what you want isnt necessary (other than in situations i mentioned) ...it has just become the "done thing"" incurring vast expense and lengthy waits for hapless owners.

I recon it would be money better spent to get a suitably qualified tradesman to access if it is necessary first , then by all means do that if that is the advise upon examination of alignment

As i said after blowing my case on an A10 to bits and finding a half case i assessed it to see if it needed "the procedure" it didnt , so i just spun up a new inner bush and it worked out very well .many the club have commented on how good the bottom end sounds

so yeah i saved $thousands and had the bike back on the road in 1 month ( the guys in the club were a God send helping me find parts , couldn't have done it without them! ) We bikers must stick together you know!

"There's the way it ought to be and there's the way it is" (Sgt Barnes)