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“just out of interest how many years have you worked in the engineering trade ? you know using machinery for a living ?”

Seems this was the initial throwing down of the gauntlet in any urination championship.

Until then most of the posts were based on information, rather than relying on kudos or time served.

perhaps so
but the comment that i viewed as the commencement of the casting of offensive matter challenge was
"Just curious, have you tried using an expandable reamer on a BSA timing side bush? have you watched someone else try it? or are you speculating that it won't work?"

I had already made it clear amongst my rambling that i have a lengthy trade history so "just speculating " did annoy me a little , but as i said now done with the ablution comparison

then the comedian backhandedly implied i didnt know how to use a reamer ...well thats how i took it anyhow

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