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I think rigidity is everything

The pilot I am using covers a good part of the shank

Honed to approx .0005" working clearance

The shell reamer arbor has a tapered end and key, with only removing approx .002-.003" off the ID I don't see any reason of how my set-up would follow an existing hole

If you look at the original Triumph 350 / 500 arbor, you will see they locate off the ball bearing from the opposite side of the case (timing side through the drive side)

Now talk about lateral movement...

My cutting reamer is a specific size, then I have the crank from standard ground down -.001" from the I.D. of the bushing once done

Talking about 350 / 500 motors BTW

my x used to say that about rigidity being important, perhaps thats why she is my x

Yep as per my previous post "damm near as long as the crank " for the pilot .........obviously u are set up to do many of them ....i was more talking about the engine rebuilder down the road who wont have specialized gear as u do so will just feed the unfortunate customer a whole load of BS about how they will do it

"There's the way it ought to be and there's the way it is" (Sgt Barnes)