You bet I want help! Do you know what I know about Tridents? I'll put it all down here, in parenthesis: ().

In fact, I know next to nothing about any models apart from the one I ride (and frankly, damn little about that one compared with what others here know). That's why I'm depending on the expertise and knowledge of other people in the classic Triumph community like yourself.

To the extent the project succeeds or fails will be up to the community.

So, if you know of Trident parts book/ws manual/sb errors, by all means, start your list. Right now I'm hard at work creating the software to do the job and I'm confident that all the technical obstacles can be overcome, but the information about the errors will have to come from somewhere.

When you're writing down errors, please try to include as much as possible of the following

All the info on the book's title page(including that tiny little Triumph part no at the bottom of the page if it's there).
Document part#
Page, reference, fig where the error occurs
Part# (if applicable to the error)
Dscription of the problem

This project can definitely be done. Rome wasn't built in a day. It will take a little time, but it can be done if enough people chip in.

Bruce Miller
aka The Hermit
The Bonnie Ref: