It seems the timing side bush will always be the Achilles Heel of of the A65.
When done right, with precision (& a certain amount of plain luck) they can, and often do, hold up very well.
However, when things aren't "just right".....well...hello low oil pressure.

For the amount of miles I tend to put on my rider every year, I always considered the bush to be more than adequate. The needle/roller conversion is certainly
a good way to go, I just never considered it totally necessary. BUT that was before finding experienced machining services for things such as "line bores"
started to become a problem. Right now I believe Ed V is the only shop ( in the U.S.) that's doing the bearing conversion. I spoke with Ed a couple months ago and he indicated he had roughly a one year back log of engines waiting for that treatment. So it would be a case of getting in line....of course Ed may be able to do a line bore considerably quicker.

The '70 engine I've referenced is not from my rider. The bush in my rider was done back in the Nineties by a very experienced automotive machinist who has long since retired....never had a lick of trouble with it. I will add this caveat however: my rider has a "66 engine, so no oil gauge port. To paraphrase something I read early on in my A65 education: "Want to make yourself crazy? Start monitoring your A65 oil pressure." This '70 engine has so far proven the validity of that statement!

Thanks for the replies and input gents, very much appreciated.
Thanks also for that video Gunner....good stuff.