I've been experiencing some difficulty lately with finding a shop that I trust to line ream the timing side bush on a "70 Lightning. This has got me to considering possible alternatives, to wit: adjustable reamers with pilots.

It appears that a suitably sized reamer is available to cover the necessary dimensions, this journal is on the 2nd regrind. Since I don't have any experience with these type reamers I'm hesitant to jump right in without first seeking some advise/insight from someone who may have already been there.

Questions arise such as:
1) if set up with a mic, will they (adj. reamers) hold true when used for fairly precision jobs like the timing side bush?

2) If a suitable "donut" is machined to fill the roller bearing outer race on the drive side (or perhaps use the roller bearing inner race
itself) to act as an end point for a pilot, can the bush then be hand reamed to the appropriate dimension with any expectation of
required accuracy?

Seems feasible but then again theory and reality often clash.

This bike had oil pressure problems ( unheard of regarding A65"s grin ) and after exhaustive efforts with OPRV's (both types), various oil weights, gauge readout locations, etc. a final teardown revealed uneven wear in the bush (approximately 80 mi on the engine). Bad job on the original line bore...?
Crankshaft possibly tweaked and wobbling....? Questions, Questions.
Any thoughts or information regarding the above are highly appreciated.