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Don't you guys have feeling your fingers? ,LOL......Geez,you all sound like government workers. grin

Like I said, with some pressure plates (those fancy looking alloy ones are often like this), the threads are too tight to give any 'feel' for when the screw contacts the rod. Only way to do it in that case is by sight.

Don is right of course - new friction plates can wear down fairly quickly. But once initial bedding-in is out of the way, and if you can find neutral whenever you want and don;t make a habit of keeping the bike in gear with the clutch pulled in, there should be very little wear, certainly between oil changes.
Since you work on bikes as a hobbyst, your eye sight should be able to detect the slightest lift...Or a slim screwdriver placed in the inspection hole while you adjust the screw...You can feel the lift...

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