Hi All, The rod adjustment changes rapidly as plates wear or bed in if new.

I’ve observed a large factor in premature clutch wear is lack of rod clearance. I recommend checking at every oil change. That’s shout every 1500 miles. Now that we have the hang of it, takes 3 minutes in real life.

The #1 problem during adjustment is lack of cable free play!!! This cannot be overstated. With the screw ran in tight, reach up & verify the lever still has plenty of play.

The lack play with screw ran in is why owners get the clicking.

Also if cable is gummy or stiff, not sliding freely it’s hard to accurately feel the free play.

At the same time, zero rod clearance causes clutch wear, it can cause rod to spin against pressure pad in cam, causing great heat. This ruins the rod bushing in main shaft as well as rod + pressure pad & tip of adjuster screws. We’ve seen this happen on this group a few times already.

So this is not set & forget. It’s routine maintenance.

1973 Tiger 750