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[quote=TR7RVMan]I think I over corrected. Clutch is way up too high on the lever.
as soon as I pull on the lever it opens the basket almost as if the basket is not closing all the way when I really goose it.
confused What do you mean by, "really goose it"?

The procedure is detailed in the 1970 650 Owner's Handbook, page 18, "To adjust the clutch operating mechanism".

Did you follow my suggestion to adjust the clutch screw holding the screwdriver only between a thumb and forefinger? If the driver is held with more fingers, ime it isn't always easy to detect when the screw starts to lift the pressure plate; if the screw has started to lift the pressure plate, the1/2-turn anti-clockwise won't be accurate.

When adjusting the cable at the handlebar lever, how are you measuring the "approximately 1/8 in. free movement in the cable" detailed in the handbook? Fwiw, I measure by pressing on the lever with the end of one finger then measuring the gap between the lever and the pivot casting - one finger pressing on the lever will detect when the cable "free movement" is taken up as much greater pressure is required to actually lift the clutch pressure plate ("open the basket").