Q to LAB: I have the Yellow & White wire connecting (under the main frame, above the carburetors) to the Boyer unit white wire AND to the relay terminal C-4. In the new wire between that T junction and the relay I have a 7.5Amp (US rated) fuse. So I should splice in a diode in the Yellow and White wire say just before the T junction e.g. "before" meaning facing the front of the bike not back to the Boyer unit which is sitting behind the battery? And it shld be installed so that the black Cathode faces the front and the red Anode faces back toward the Boyer, so that current cannot go forward to the kill switch?
Incidentally these diodes I got -the thickness of the wires emanating from them is OK , about same as the actual metal wires in gauge 18 wires, but the diode itself is so tiny it is hard to believe they can handle any current without blowing up or melting. Fascinating little buggers. I feel like I am a student in electricity 101. Thanks for being the teacher.