I think, without really. knowing much, that this travel from state to state thing right now, (to borrow from something that's been going around a lot lately)

is kind of like taking a shopping cart into a parking lot. The store staff would LIKE you to take the cart to the cart corral who you have unloaded your merchandise into your car. It makes it easier on the staff, and folks don't have to weave in, out, and amongst the stray carts scattered all over to get to a parking space, or in & out of the lot.

Some folks take their cart and put it into the corral, some folks don't. This "shopping cart analogy" has been seen as an informal barometer that shows us where we are as a society. Who we are as a people. What percentage of people do -or don't- take their carts to the corral? To return your cart is totally voluntary. There are no shopping cart police. Nobody's telling you to stow your cart, you don't "HAVE" to do it. It's simply seen as "the right thing" to do. Not for oneself, but for OTHERS.

This is NOT "science", just some bullish** somebody cooked up on the Internet. Yet a straight line has been drawn, by some, from this analogy to the virus and our reactions to it.

I know Cynthia was going up to Rhode Island recently for a weekend get-away. RI had "travel restrictions" in place. One couple, coming form Washington State, backed out of the get together, not willing or able to self-quarantine for 2 weeks. Miss C was on the phone quite a lot with the hotel people, making an honest effort to "do the right thing". She was genuinely concerned about the whole thing.

In the end, the hotel staff told her to come on up, it's OK.
The point is that all of this is mostly on us. Each one of us. We all know what WE have going, nobody has ANY IDEA what the next person has going, or where they have been. THEY don't know where WE have been.

IF one really, seriously, truly cares even the slightest bit, about *others*, one will make SOME effort to "do the right thing". To "do the right t thing" is as hard to nail down as mercury. "The right thing" right now is, largely, ever changing and amorphous. BUT there are one or two constants.

By MY way of thinking it. comes down to:

do you CARE about OTHERS, or only about yourself?

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"It is no measure of health, to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society."