Finally got the sludge trap out. Ordered a tap which will be here Saturday, but went out and tried to pull it using a bent piece of metal. A little work and she popped right out. It was surprising that it was not fully caked with sludge, although it had its fair share of gunk, there are 2 punch marks so it’s been cleaned at least once.

I took some measurements of the crank journals, timing bush journal measures 1.497”, both rod journals measure 1.666”. The con rod bearing not torqued measure 1.672 and 1.676. Leads me to believe that at some point a con rod broke and the journals were ground. Then they left the spacers out and cracked the bearing race on the primary side.

All journals seem smooth but I’m thinking it would be prudent to get them all reground, polished and balanced.

Is switching to a main primary side ball bearing a worthwhile venture? I know you lose a little side load capabilities but my understanding is you then don’t have to worry about crank end play as it’s pulled tight to the bearing race. Thoughts?