Recently sold my Harley so until I get the '67 BSA A65L running I'm without a bike. I'm home avoiding the virus this week and next I figured it was a great time to split some cases!!!!

I got the cases apart, went much easier than I expected and thankfully didn't find as much damage as I thought. I do know this is not the first and likely not the second time this motor has been apart, the rod journals are .020" under sized which makes me think they've been ground at least twice. I have mismatched piston rods, one is smooth and shiny and one is shot peened, but they both weigh the same so thats a positive. The oil pump drive gear lock nut was destroyed, it was spinning loose but needed to be pried off to remove it and thankfully the threads werent messed up, the drive sprocket nut fell off in my hand once I got the cover plate out of the primary case. The main damage was caused from missing crank shims. I guess the previous builder forgot to check crank end play and install shims but you can def see the damage on the roller bearing. The outer race managed to crack and was wearing down were it split. I'm pretty shocked the motor didnt grenade in my very short running of it.

All in all the crank bearing surfaces look really good, how do I know if I need to have them reground or polished? I was thinking I could just order up new bearings and run it like that?

Any tips on removing the sludge trap tube with out a tap or similar sized bolt? I am going to replace it, mostly because I tried tapping it out from the little hole opposite the plug but that doesnt seem to move it. I can't go get a bolt/tap now since MI is on lock down.

I did get the timing side bush and outer race of the main bearing out of the case halve and the halves look good. I'll have more questions as I go so I'll post them here to keep everything organized.