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There is an old "60s" magazine comparison test ... drag race . ( cant seem to find it )
Where they raced a TR6 against a Bonnie .
The Bonnie won the quarter mile by 2/100 of a second ... @ 98mph
Thats a clear win on a drag strip
That amounts to , I think , ... about 28"
On the street , if you need to get to the post office 2/100 of a second faster ... you need 2 carburetors .

On the other hand
TR6's ruled California desert racing in the mid sixties
And scored a major win as late as 1970 ... if there's a desert between you and the post office ... take the TR6

Triumph continued to make the single carb TR7 up till the end of Co-op production
Triumph even won a road rally race
In the Pyrenees in 1981
On a single carbed TR7T
This last small hurrah garnered
The Triumph Co-op some much needed export orders .
... if you're ever in the Pyrenees , ride whatever is offered .

.....98 mph in the 1/4 is way faster than any other road tests...Usually low 90's in the low to mid 14's. And every road race and flat tracker with a B engine had dual carbs...I believe Cycle magazine tested a 73 Tiger that ran a 13.6....As did the off road 60's straight pipe on each side single carb 650 when geared low..
Bring them screamin single carb stock bikes over to my place near the beautiful Finger Lakes...Go to Tommy Hillbilly bar for the best hamburger and then we'll do a two lane blacktop contest of speed...Like I said, 2000 rpm in high gear roll to show me how those torque monster bikes perform... wink

79 T140D, 96 900M Ducati ,61 A10 .On a bike you can out run the demons..
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