There is an old "60s" magazine comparison test ... drag race . ( cant seem to find it )
Where they raced a TR6 against a Bonnie .
The Bonnie won the quarter mile by 2/100 of a second ... @ 98mph
Thats a clear win on a drag strip
That amounts to , I think , ... about 28"
On the street , if you need to get to the post office 2/100 of a second faster ... you need 2 carburetors .

On the other hand
TR6's ruled California desert racing in the mid sixties
And scored a major win as late as 1970 ... if there's a desert between you and the post office ... take the TR6

Triumph continued to make the single carb TR7 up till the end of Co-op production
Triumph even won a road rally race
In the Pyrenees in 1981
On a single carbed TR7T
This last small hurrah garnered
The Triumph Co-op some much needed export orders .
... if you're ever in the Pyrenees , ride whatever is offered .

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