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[quote]Nothing at all wrong with a torquey, responsive TR6/7 around town which will usually outpull 99% of the ill tuned Bonnies you're likely to come up against.

In what imaginary world are there TR7 riders torquily responding around town, “coming up against” 99 Bonnevilles!

Maybe I should have said 'Back in my day' a good stock TR6 could take a not so well tuned, poorly synched twin carb T120 a good percentage of the time...just keep turning corners and stay off the freeway. I used to piss off my buddy on his kawi H1 triple with my basically stock stripped downTR6 TT bike, of course I was geared way down so wouldn't even look at a straightaway but in our then undeveloped but paved neighborhoods I'd out drag him from block to block then just turn a corner.

I just wanted to let Steven A know that there is a lot to be said for a good single carb 650 or 750 Triumph twin, one of the best running Triumphs I rode in the 60's was a TR6 Rickman Metisse scrambler with a Chantland 750 kit,34mm vm mikuni and desert torque cams, can't remember the grind and it did run out of steam on top end but anywhere else just open the throttle and go sideways. Nowadays add a little hotter cam and a flatslide and you'd have a fun streetbike.