I made a single carb Manifold for my T140E dirtbike. I have the T140E enigne in a dry frame, and no way to put GOOD airfilters in the MK2 Amals.. So i made up a manifold that mounts a single 930 out the left side with a triumph paper air filter. This was also an experiment. one runner is longer than the other so the Mixture at low throttle openings is off a little. Not a huge deal for what it is.
This is a T140E which i know was De tuned some.
Stock with 2) 30mm AMAL mk2s the was 35 Hp and 40 torque.
Removed that set up and installed 1) 30mm Mk1 AMAL and...... 34Hp and 41.5 torque!!! All of this happened before 5500 Rpm.. The engine started to nose over at 5000.

So for a dirtbike i was happy! better air filter and better torque!! i can notice the imbalance some, but its not an issue!
Just something to think about !