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Instead of demanding to know why you're asking the question, I'll have a go at answering it. The T140E head is the same casting as the TR7 head. Triumph modified the TR7 head to fit a pair of AMAL MkII carbs by threading the inlet ports and fitting adapter stubs. If you offer up a TR7 manifold to an E head with the stubs removed, you can see what needs doing to make the manifold fit properly. Unfortunately, the manifold's mounting stud holes coincide with (or at least, overlap) the threaded ports, so some building up with weld followed by careful machining to even the ports out and then drill & tap for the studs would be needed.

Not a difficult task for a skilled welder / machinist with their own equipment, but probably a bit expensive to get someone else to do it. But the TR7 heads are rare, so possibly worthwhile? Despite what some people seem to think, the single carb heads make for a sweeter running engine with plenty of torque and surprisingly little difference to top speed, even with everything else left standard. If you improve breathing with straight-through exhausts and fit a better exhaust cam, they're faster than a standard twin carb version.

Thanks Tigernuts. A model of constructive advice, unlike some.