Thanks again guys. You have given me enough info for me to get an answer to my plunger locating question. Koan58 was correct. My focus was on the gaps between the teeth instead of the top and bottom faces of the teeth. Everyone's response make sense. As far as the shifter hanging problem, I have not had the problem anymore. After a lot of analysis, I feel the problem was 3rd gear binding on the main shaft when down shifting. It always seemed to hang up when down shifting from 3rd gear. I had 2500 miles on the trans oil so I decided to change it. I drained out 16 oz of oil, so I don't think low oil content was the problem. I put 500 cc's of oil back in which equals to about 17 ozs. I also have switched to ATF Type F in the primary. I put in 150 cc's of ATF Type F in the primary which equals to about 5 ozs. The up shifting and down shifting seems to have greatly improved. Thanks again everyone. Thanks Dmadigan for your post. After studying your post, the answers to my questions came clear. I was also able to figure out the other two neutral positions., great pics.

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1969 triumph bonneville 650