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It is well documented that those "soul less" K bikes will carry you far in relative comfort... not unusual for the 80's Ks to clock hundreds of thousands of miles with regular maintenance and not much else. That early ABS is troublesome for sure but there are plenty around without it. Compared to many other bikes, the brakes are quite adequate. My 88 K100 was way more "modern" than my 93 R100RS, and I had a lot of fun throwing it around, over the years. The rare cumbersome at low speeds but more nimble than you'd think once you get one rolling.

People denigrate the Ks but I, for one, like em. I had that 88 and now own an 02 K1200RS. It's a keeper.

When a bike carries me home from out of state or from across the country ... when it's purring along through the night with the lights working and handling smoothly .... and when it does that time after time, even if it takes a bit of fettling ...

THAT'S the bike I bond with, and like, and consider to have "character"! The way the motor sounds or how many cylinders it has or what country it's from has zero bearing on whether it has "soul" or not.

When it takes care of me, and takes me through the mountains in the rain without hiccupping .... it's a keeper!


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