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Two totally different bikes, both from the same era, both unrestored survivors, and both are bikes I would dearly love to own. And both owned by different people. [snip] Next up is one of my dream bikes, a wonderful BMW R69s with Heinrich long range touring tank, what a classy bike.

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I've been tracking the BMW prices for several years now. The low point is about 15 years old, where you can find a 1999 to 2005 R model for around $2000 in rough but serviceable shape. The soul-less "K bikes" are even cheaper. Often these bikes will have 15K miles or less. The biggest issue is that they were stored over winter in 2006 or 07 with ethanol fuel and wouldn't crank the following Spring. Occasionally you'll see one that needs a $2500 ABS unit replaced !

Then after 15 years the prices begin to climb. Mid-70's and 80's flat twins (so called Slash 6 and Slash 7's) are back up to ~$4000. That's more than they sold for new. The amazing thing is that the 1960's black and white BMWs (so called Slash 2's) with Earls forks take an amazing leap in resale value. Rough ones start at $20,000. Nicely kept ones like in your photos here, can easily come near $30,000. Add original German accessories like the nice touring tank and that's an additional $1500.

Bottom line is, you and I probably can't afford that BMW !! You might as well be looking at a Seeley Condor or a Matchless G50 Racer !!

Don't hide 'em, Ride 'em !!

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