Hi Greg

Good to see you back here. Yup back home to NZ for good come Christmas although there is a move here to get me to stay even longer. But 7 years in Central Asia and Eastern Europe is enough and I need to work a period in NZ before turning 65 for super and tax reasons anyway. I have been assigned Eldee 2 to investigate while Nick works on the new 350. Bill Swallow is still keen to ride it in the 2018 Manx. Perhaps you should make the trip? And by the way you are likely to get the job of assessing the Eldee head and porting when you visit next year. They have at least one more blank which could be machined up. (Get the management style - too many years of having a team working for me - I'm supposed to do the work but just assign it out to everyone else :-) )

I cant access the Dropbox here but I'm sure I will manage it somehow.

I printed out a PDF which I have stored in NZ. My young staff laugh at me but as I point out I have never had a piece of paper vanish overnight. But more than one or two computer drives have blown themselves out of existence over the years !!! It's good to be a luddite !!

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