Guys, thanks for the condolences. Also trashed were my other 'projects' threads, and seven of the top ten 'projects' threads in terms of views are history. However, perhaps they're not gone forever.

Three possibilities come to mind: In the weeks to come Photobucket could cave to the bad PR, alter their policy, and grandfather in old links. A different Hosting service along with an automatic search/replace as outlined by Shane could get things running again just like they were. Or, at least for my material, the people behind the software that runs BritBike (not Morgan, but the people who maintain and upgrade the code) could finally bring its image-handling capability into the 21st Century and I could upload all of my trashed threads from my computer that have the images directly embedded in them.

In any case, there are potential solutions so there's good reason not to panic (well, except for Morgan, who probably should be panicked...).

I'm reminded that sometime a year or so ago someone dismissively commented on a concern I expressed about the reliance on Photobucket that he could "personally guarantee" the service was large enough that it never would go away. I replied that he couldn't guarantee that because he had no control over it. Technically, it hasn't "gone away," it's just locked all of us out, but the effect is the same.

There's no guarantee Britbike won't go away sometime in the future, either, which is another reason to keep your own backups of any material you care about. By the way, there's no difference between relying on "the Cloud" to do this for you and relying on Photobucket itself, since "The Cloud" is just a variety of services like Photobucket.