In pre Unit days it was real simple, now from 63-72 there seem to be a bewildering variety of oil pumps. I have a DU 33XXX series 1966.

My parts book says my pump should be E3878, then in 1968 it's E6928, in 1970 E9421 and so on. Which models will fit my 1966? Can't find E3878 new or second hand for the life of me..the others, yes.

I have unit oil pumps with the "offset" mounting holes..the pre- units were 180 in line. . I have pump plungers (a) Scavenge 0.487/ Feed 0 .374 and another pump (b) scavenge 0.436 /feed 0.374---this seems to be correct for my year 1966 according to the Workshop manual 650's up to 1970 and must be the mysterious E3878?.

What on earth is the other pump for? A T100 Unit as I also had parts for that lying about? It would seem odd to have a bigger scavenge diameter (0.487 vs 0.436) on a smaller engine, or did Triumph get it wrong in the literature and actually (a) is correct for my 650 since it scavenges faster but delivers the same , both feed plungers being 0.374

Don't want to blow up my rebuild, so it helps to know. Am using the factory 63-70 edition of Workshop manual.

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