Well, I took delivery of the Honda on Thursday and have been riding it around.

Honda at home now.
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I had intended to do a ride report giving some comparisons between it and, say, a T140, but I don't think that's possible. It's like comparing apples to houses. I can't find anything in common between them except that they have two wheels.

So, I'll give that a pass. No point in it. I'll come to love the Honda, like I did the KZ because my affections toward motorcycle comes from the loyalty and service they provide and little else.

No brand loyalty from me. I have four really different motorcycles now, for four completely different moods, so I'm happier than a dog with a bone.

I recommend owning and riding a variety of motorcycles. Staying with just one thing seems a little stuck in the mud to me.

Enjoy the spice of life, I say.


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