Looks only a mother could love.....

Jon, My Nighthawk cost a bit more than that. It's quite possible that I will have the only one in the state. There's a couple of 700s's here and I missed buying one for 2800$ a few months ago. I don't know why everyone thinks their bikes are worth so much here.
It had 40k miles on it though. For these Hondas, the mileage isn't that significant when considering a purchase. How it was treated is.

And the styling wasn't the most important point when considering a bike. The later 750 actually look better to my eye, but they're way heavier, are chain driven, and they're down on power compared to the 700.

There are still plenty of bikes around bought by a new motorcyclist who scared themselves then parked it. The one I got was one of them and was returned to the street by a motorcycle shop.
The chief mechanic was bummed when I bought it. Of the whole fleet of bikes he has at his disposal, the little 650 was his favorite.


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