Well, it was news 30 years ago....

Here's what I'm talking about.

This is the Triumph Hurricane most of you are familiar with.

[Linked Image]
Nice example, spit shined and restored...

And here's the copycat.

1985 Honda Nighthawk 650
[Linked Image]

Truthfully, I didn't notice it, but a friend of mine pointed it out when I was showing him pictures of the bike I bought and is now on the boat on its way here.

I had to agree. The similarities are mainly in the lines of the fuel tank and side covers and perhaps the line of the seat.

This picture is pretty much exactly like the bike I bought to replace the ageing KZ550 I've been riding for the last 10 years.
I live upcountry and the climb up the grade is threatening to wear out the smaller motor of the KZ so I wanted to get something with more power. Also it has hydraulic valve actuation, shaft drive, anti dive forks with twin discs, solid state ignition 6 speed overdrive gearbox. Very advanced for 1985.

73bhp according to some reports. Not bad for a 650. The choices were basically the NH650, 700s or the later NH750. I opted for the smaller, lighter and older bike. Classic bike insurance is 25% of standard insurance with full coverage and agreed value. Also, not bad. Cut off is 30 years with the insurance company I use.

But I was attracted to the styling of the 650 as well. Didn't really understand why, but now it's clear. I'm not fond of square headlights and "dashboards" but, I can live with it.

I paid less than 4k for it including the boat ride here. It has 5k miles from new. I can give a ride report when it gets here next week. I'll need a couple of days to sort out some small stuff. Maybe a couple of days to ride it all over. You know how it is with a new bike....


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