Hello again,

Realized I never told you the end of this story!
After opening up the gear box and getting lots and lots of nasty, sticky gear oil on my hands and fiddling with different endplay-issues of the shafts I all of a sudden notised the plunger looked like this:

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IMG_0588 by Bohuslän i mitt hjärta, on Flickr

I appears the camplate end-positions had "knocked" the plunger housing so that it inhibits the plunger from "plunging" more than just a few millimeters (sorry for speaking metric... laugh ). Tried mending it but problems came back after only a few shifts.

Ordered a new housing and a new spring. New spring was almost 1 cm (sorry again... laugh ) longer.
Also replaced one sprocket/pinion that had signs of wear and that I happened to have a new one laying around.
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IMG_0168 by Bohuslän i mitt hjärta, on Flickr

And the gearbox is now working like a dream! Been riding for some time and no worries at all.
Happy happy joy joy!!

So way did it jump out of only third gear one might wonder?
My guess is that a slight miss-alignment, maybe some wear to shiftforks, camplate etc and the fact that I use Three Bond instead of a gasket all together made this happen.
Also, the whole bike is bought i baskets so I have no guarantees as to which parts originally left the factory together.

But like a said, it now works like a dream -as does the entire bike by the way! For the first time ever that everything works at the same time. So this winter I'll spend on my M21basket case -but thats an entirely different story...


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