I think he is missing the point here. When looking at the photos they are out of sequence. One of the critical parts is to captivate the auto advance gear unit on the tapered shaft with the timing set at the right BTDC and the points just about to open. When setting the points to just before they open the auto advance gear must be removed. In his photos the gear is in position even though not tightened.
The auto advance unit centre sleeve nut is captive within the unit itself and after wedging the unit in the fully advanced position and checking that the magneto is still correctly position with the point just about to open/ separate. Fit the advance unit to the tapered shaft of the magneto. The nut must be turned so that the unit is gradually drawn on to the tapered shaft. , since the magneto armature be permitted to turn even a fraction until the auto advance pinion is correctly in positioned. If this procedure is followed the bike will start as long as there is gas and spark.
Make sure the spark plug leads are correctly connected. If the engine is timed to the above recommendation the lead nearest the engine should connect to the left spark plug and the opposite to the right spark plug. If it does not start then there is something else wrong.

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