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If you go to the top of the first post in this thread you will see I've just added a Table of Contents to make it easier to find the information in the individual posts. However, I couldn't figure out how (or if) this Forum encodes hyperlinks to individual posts. If someone can tell me how to do that, I will be happy to update it to make it easier to jump to any post of interest.

I'll make no claim that this is the best method to link a specific post, but it does work. I'll use blue font (like this) for the steps to be followed, so they stand out amongst the rest:

{Edit: Due to the havoc wrought by Photobucket in destroying all their picture links and due to the updated format of this BritBike Forum, all the instructions that I once placed here to help MagnetoMan have gone obsolete or missing. In case someone might find it useful, I updated the info on 9/01/2017. I used a different example thread, because MagnetoMan's pictures fell prey to the evils of Photobucket and disappeared.}

Find the existing post that you want to reference. (It will be more convenient to open a second browser window to do this.) With that post on the screen, point your mouse arrow to the Post Number at the upper RH corner of the box. For example, suppose you want to add a link to a particular post within the thread, "1964 TR6/R Resto" as shown here:

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Now, RIGHT click the Post Number. When the dialogue box opens, LEFT click the "Copy Link Location" command to copy the desired link onto your windows clipboard, like this:

[Linked Image]

Now, in your "New Reply" dialogue box (using the Full Editor), LEFT click at the spot in your text where you want to place the link. With the cursor flashing at the correct spot, LEFT click the link icon at the top of the dialogue box (see below):

[Linked Image]

When the dialogue box opens, RIGHT click in the text field (there's only one, so you can't go wrong):

[Linked Image]

Another dialogue box will open.

[Linked Image]

LEFT click on the "Paste" command. This will paste the link from your windows clipboard into the field in the dialogue box. Immediately, another dialogue box will open and prompt you to type in whatever info you want to actually appear on the screen as the label for your new link. In this case, I'll type in, "1964TR6/R Resto".

[Linked Image]

After you name your link, LEFT click the "OK" button. That's it, your link will appear in your Posting form dialogue box. Because of the format now used in BritBike Forum, your link will not be underlined like my example one below. I find it easier to recognize a link when it is underlined, so I edit mine to appear that way. If anybody is reading all of this, can't figure out how to underline their links but would like to, send me a PM and I will add that info here.

1964 TR6/R Resto



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