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You must have invested a lot in all this equipment.
Did you ever consider rebuilding magnetos on a professional basis ?
I try not to think of how much money I've spent on instruments, or time on designing and fabricating magneto-specific equipment, fixtures, etc. These posts haven't even shown all of it, because not everything was needed for this particular restoration.

Although I have no way of knowing for sure, I very seriously doubt even the most heavily equipped professional restorer has the equipment and facilities I do for diagnosing and repairing magnetos. As I wrote in a previous post, well over a decade ago I became obsessed with understanding at the most detailed level the operation of magnetos, and cost is no object when feeding an obsession.

As for making money from this accumulated knowledge and equipment, the fact is, I doubt very many motorcyclists would be interested in paying me what I would have to charge in order to make restoring magnetos worth taking the time away from other things that I do.

There will be two more installments in this thread, the last of which I've drafted to help people identify restorers for repairing their magnetos. I won't name names, but will describe what to look for to separate restorers who won't be able to do a good job from those who might be able to (in the sense that you don't necessarily need to know the guy's name to understand that if you're in a bank and you see someone holding a gun that he's probably not someone you should offer to buy a gun from).