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but, in the debate, Magnetoman likes to quote from authoritative sources to support the points he's making.
Yes, I provide facts that can be independently checked, not unsubstantiated claims. My only interest in writing these posts is to provide what I believe to be correct information on a subject where much mystery and misinformation exists. It takes me a lot of time to write these posts, and I make no money as a result of their content, so my only "gain" is knowing I've provided useful information.

Magnetos are quite complex electromagnetic devices, so it would be impractical here to provide all possible background information. For example, the 7th ed. of 'Automobile Electrical Equipment' alone has four chapters devoted just to magnetos, plus relevant material in various other places in this 450 page book. I've included citations to authoritative sources in this thread where appropriate to supplement what I've written, so anyone with the interest can look further into the matter. Again, the reason for the cited references is they contain facts that people can check for themselves, not unsubstantiated claims.

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were you telling the truth or an untruth? Please don't come back with more hundreds of words of bluster. A simple one-word answer please, "truth" or "untruth".
To phrase an accusation in the form of a question makes it no less an accusation. It is acceptable in any discussion to point out what you believe, correctly or incorrectly, to be an error. It is never appropriate to call someone a liar. To do so is bad enough by itself, but to do so without even pretending to provide a fact to support your false accusation is grammar school behavior. Unless you delete your post and issue an apology, you will get no answer from me to any question you ask.

Note to everyone else: I see that the post Ken Tee wrote after accusing me of lying about magnetos is another thinly-veiled advertisement in the guise of information. Even though it contains substantive errors, I don't plan to take the time to respond to anything from him.