It seems like we may be in the throes of getting something happening on the BSAOC UK Dating Site.

These bikes are not at all common in the UK and so we may need some numbers to reinforce the case.

It may get to the stage where we need to petition the Committee to show just how many of us are affected with this numbering dilemma.
We should all know by now that the 1967 Dash Y bikes are plentiful. I own two and I am sure we must have hundreds amongst us.

The 1970 Y bikes are not so common. We have at least 5 members here that either own or have owned them. I suspect that there may be many more.

At the moment I am being informed that the notes on the BSAOC site came from the the words of Alistair Cave, the BSA Works Manager. I think they have been interpreted by one man, one committee member that is.

If Al has been reported correctly then it has to be that he was hiding something. The stories of the dock strikes, supply shortages, bikes in storage and even the warranty one are all being attributed to him.

I think the guys in the UK have gone along with the story as they knew no different. Very few of them have ever seen a Dash Y or Y bike.. let alone own one.

I am not so sure what is the best way of doing this. Somehow we need to get across to the committee that we own these machines and that we see another side of the story.

Maybe if the UK guys can provide an email address we can all write to it with our own personal experiences and opinions.

Another way may be to set up some kind of register here, and then forward details through to them.

Things are looking good.. They are prepared to listen to us but at this stage they really seem to be believing their own story. They think that the 1970 Y bikes are related to 1967 models...
somehow we need to convince them otherwise.
Over to you guys..