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Lightning Spares under new ownership by Brian Pollitt
BSA...Owners Club...Int' Rally riders makes Guinness book of records in IOM
Spider Motorcycle Cartoons
BritBike T-shirts at VMD Mid-Ohio 2008
BritBike CD/DVD - Manuals
New Triumph DVD from Kim the CD-Man
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Mid-Ohio 2008 July 25-27
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BritBikeNews #81
For British motorcycle enthusiasts only
August 2008
Morgan on #29 

Since last BritBike Newsletter we have been visiting England and Isle of Man for the BSAOC int' Rally.
My wife Anki and I had no running BSA this year so you can Imagine how good we felt when BSAOC UK Machine dating officer Brian Pollitt offered us his BSA A10 GF 1960 for the rally week. We flew to Manchester UK and joined some other UK and American members. To our surprise Brian and his wife Chris couldn't join us as they only a couple of weeks earlier bought Lightning Spares a BSA spares store in Sale, Manchester. The week started of in pouring rain but we had a blast. It's so great to meet all old and new friends. A highlight for me was to finally see, touch and sit on the two 1954 BSA Daytona racers, Bobby Hills #71 Shooting Star and Tommy McDermotts #29 Gold Star. This thanks to Myles, Bob and Don who brought them over from the States. We even managed to create a record attempt for Guinness Book of records and on the way back from IOM I visited Brians new store Lightning Spares and picked up stainless steel goodies for my own project bike while the girls spent their time at the huge shopping mall Trafford Center. read more below.
See some more BSAOC IOM photos here.
As always send BritBike related tips and info to me.
Ride safe

Morgan Johansson
 Lightning Spares and now owner Brian Pollit
 Lightning Spares under new ownership by Brian Pollitt
 Photo: Morgan Johansson 

The company was founded by Ian Jones, and has recently been sold to Brian Pollitt, who, as the BSAOC machine dating officer for many years, has probably helped you get your BSA registered and on the road. Brian brings technical know-how to the business, after years of owning BSA's and writing many technical articles about them.
Brian says: Our Mission - To continue to supply quality parts with a fast mail order service, and to build on this to satisfy the needs of our customers. 

Stainless Steel
We supply top quality nuts, bolts, washers, screws, studs and split pins made from 18/8 grade stainless steel, made from high quality 50 ton tensile strength, of far better quality than the A2 (40ton) grade used by many other suppliers. I know what I would rather have holding my bike together when I am riding it. All bolt heads are bright finished. IE. shiny with no lettering. We also supply special parts such as wheel spindles which are made from High Tensile Aircraft Grade Stainless Steel. Plus hundreds of other special parts such as the complete A and B series pre unit gearbox adjusters.

Workshop Manuals, Parts Books
We have in stock almost all of the BSA Workshop Manuals, Parts Books, Handbooks, Service Sheets, ETC all at a competitive price. We also have some for Triumph, Ariel and Matchless/AJS. We can usually supply large or small orders from stock.

BSA Parts
We stock over 20,000 BSA parts (I know, my wife had to count them for the stock check) from D1 to A75 and welcome your 'WANTS' lists either by post, fax or email.

Workshop tools and pullers
We have the widest range of service tools, pullers and extractors for your BSA. Remember these can also be used on other marques who use parts not unique to BSA such as Sunbeam S8 forks which are the same as the BSA A10. 
Contact Information
For sales and enquiries please contact us below.
Telephone 0161 969 3850
FAX 0161 969 5918
Postal address 157 Cross Street, Sale, Cheshire, M33 7JW, UK

Click here to go to    Lightning Spares    website
BSA Owners Club Int' Rally riders makes Guinness book of records in IOM
BSA owners celebrate world record in Isle of Man 
BSA OC Line up 2008 Laxey IOM
Line up day at Laxey IOM ... BSA owners celebrate world record in Isle of Man. The record would be confirmed for the next edition of the Guinness Book of Records. A police officer and one of the Laxey Commissioners were counting the bikes in for the Guinness Book of Records.
In total there where 515 members at the rally with 350 BSA's, 281 BSA's went for the record braking event and as organiser Peter Twyman said it would have been more bikes if weather better instead of pooring rain.

The occasion was the BSA owners' club international rally which this year took place in the Isle of Man during the Manx Grand Prix practice week.
BritBike present Spider cartoons
Roasting tray 
Roasting tray!
Bet you can all remember one of those times when the ideal tool for the job in hand on your bike happened to belong to 'Her Indoors'. Without doubt, one of the most tempting objects is her large (and treasured) roasting tray which is just the right shape and capacity for catching all that filthy black fluid which cascades from the various pipes when you change your oil. It saves all that unseemly mess fouling your spotless workshop floor! The trouble is that she is well aware of your felonious habits concerning various kitchen items and if she catches you the result can be regretful! So you sneak it away when you think she is not around, intending to use it quickly , clean it thoroughly and return it before she comes home. Alas, she returns early, clutching a roasting chicken, just in time to see the black, filthy and evil smelling oil cascading into her pristine roasting tray - Oh blimey, now you're for it!
Spider's latest cartoon catches the terrible moment when retribution strikes - click here to discuss the issue: Regalia Regalia, T-shirts, decals etc
Get Your BritBike Regalia now tomorrow might be to late!
LowBrow Customs makes and resell T-shirts, Hats and Decals/Stickers 
 A must for all'ers 
  CD/DVD - Manuals
British Motorcycle CD-Manuals
Manuals, Spare lists, Instruction books, Service sheets & lots more
Hundreds of Books scanned into PDF format.
All books are printable if you need a close up to bring to your shop unless you take your laptop with you.
The CD's are for:
BSA, Norton, AJS & Matchless and Lucas AMAL Girling & Smith.
The DVD is for: Triumph

Price: $69.00 each or $299.00 for all five.
 News: Triumph Manuals on DVD now available

Kim the CD-Man announces his 5th edition of Triumph Manuals.
Instant success! first month out was a blast it's must
for Triumph enthusiasts. Despite 30% more material than the Fourth Edition we offer it to same price for a little while longer!

The Fifth Edition is now on DVD format
Click here to read about it.
Download a PDF with full content. Order your DVD-Manual here.

BritBike Regalia Knitted Hats
Original Knitted Hats
Probably the coolest hats in the world!
Comes in following variations:
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