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New Triumph DVD from Kim the CD-Man
BritBike T-shirts at VMD Mid-Ohio 2008
Spider Motorcycle Cartoons
BritBike CD/DVD - Manuals
BritBike Hats

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BritBike Events 2008
Vintage motorcycle Days (our 8th year)
Mid-Ohio 2008 July 25-27
Lexington Ohio, USA

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BritBikeNews #80
For British motorcycle enthusiasts only
August 2008
Hi Editor,

 In June my wife and I went bicycling on the island of Ven between Sweden and Denmark. We had perfect sunny weather and great fun with friends.
In July we went scootering on island of Samos in Greece with same proceedure and all was just great there too. Thought we would top that with a trip to Isle of Man and for once riding a real Motorcycle a BSA A10 GF thanks to Brian Pollit who helps out while my project bike is still just a project. Never mind the weather on IOM we are vikings.. ;o) and are going to have a great time at BSA OC Int' Rally plus we'll see some of you there!
 Look out for Geoff Patricks VMD YouTube video below!

Morgan Johansson
VMD-OHIO 2008 BritBike.com Camp on YouTube
Geoff Patrick report with a proffesional made video 
Geoff PatrickFor everyone who was unable to attend this years VMD, you can see and hear some of the shows highlights including Camp BritBike.com now showing at YouTube
Ed's note: Thank a lot Geoff it was a fantastic to see one was almost there!!!
 News: Triumph Manuals on DVD now available

Kim the CD-Man announces his 5th edition of Triumph Manuals.
Instant success! first month out was a blast it's must
for Triumph enthusiasts. Despite 30% more material than the Fourth Edition we offer it to same price for a little while longer!

The Fifth Edition is now on DVD format
Click here to read about it.
Download a PDF with full content. Order your DVD-Manual here.
 BritBike.com Regalia 
BritBike.com Regalia, T-shirts, decals etc
Get Your BritBike Regalia now tomorrow might be to late!
LowBrow Customs makes and resell BritBike.com T-shirts, Hats and Decals/Stickers 
 A must for all BritBike.com'ers 
BritBike present Spider cartoons
Tent and Bag 
Tent and Bag!.
Some of us BritBikers attend to meetings and will camp this season too. Well it's going to be as usually... ;o)
  CD/DVD - Manuals
British Motorcycle CD-Manuals
Manuals, Spare lists, Instruction books, Service sheets & lots more
Hundreds of Books scanned into PDF format.
All books are printable if you need a close up to bring to your shop unless you take your laptop with you.
The CD's are for:
BSA, Norton, AJS & Matchless and Lucas AMAL Girling & Smith.
The DVD is for: Triumph

Price: $69.00 each or $299.00 for all five.

BritBike Regalia
BritBike.com Knitted Hats
Original BritBike.com Knitted Hats
Probably the coolest hats in the world!
Comes in following variations:
  • Black color short beanie
  • Black color long beanie
  • Navy color short beanie
  • Navy color long beaniePrice

Price: US$12.00 plus shipping

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