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Reborn Motorcycle Youth
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Do You Own a '60's Bike in UK?
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BritBikeNews #77
For British motorcycle enthusiasts only
April 2008
Hi Editor, Spider

Have you had any magical moments in your life with your motorcycle? I'm sure you had plenty but did you capture any of them?
BritBike Newsletter are proud to present SPIDER a real enthusiastic cartoonist who obviously had many since he started cartooning motorcycles in the fifties.
See more below
As always send BritBike related tips and info to me.

Morgan Johansson
BritBike present Spider cartoons
BritBike Newsletter proudly present Spider's
"The Seven stone weakling"
We hope to present more cartoons by spider in coming issues.
has a long association with motorcycles beginning in the '50s, the golden age of classic bikes, and continuing to the present day.
This collection of Spider cartoons celebrates those magical moments when things don't quite go right - disasters in the garage, breakdowns, and the many moments of acute embarrassment and guilt which seem to plague us all! Of course, these are the moments that become stories told and retold, until we too find ourselves in danger of becoming a character in one of Spider's cartoons!
  CD - Manuals
British Motorcycle CD-Manuals
Manuals, Spare lists, Instruction books, Service sheets & lots more
Hundreds of Books scanned into PDF format.
All books are printable if you need a close up to bring to your shop unless you take your laptop with you.
The CD's are for:
BSA, Norton, Triumph, AJS & Matchless and Lucas AMAL Girling & Smith.
Price: $69.00 each or $299.00 for all five.
 Reborn Motorcycle Youth
BritBike T-Shirt Cartoon
A Famous Bike
In the background is Dennis Mahan's fast and famous #10 ridden in the sixties by dirt track racer Neil Keen. Both Dennis and Neil are well equipped with new BritBike shirts bringing back the boys in 'em and as you can see it's not taken lightly by all.
See more cartoons here
Buy your #10 t-shirt here
 BritBike Regalia Regalia, T-shirts, decals etc
Original "BritBike T-shirts"
Probably the coolest t-shirt in the world!
 A must for all'ers 
 Do You Own a '60's Bike in UK?
 -  Can you help?
I am writing to you from a company called Uni-versalEXTRAS we place people in TV and Film across the UK. Our website is
We are currently working on the new blockbuster feature film from Director Richard Curtis who directed the Bridget Jones diary and Love actually to name but a few and we require your help.
The film is set in the 60s and is a comedy about an illegal radio station set up on a boat in the North sea.
The scene we need help with is bringing a bikers café set in the 60s to life, where the main characters gather to discuss their plans.
So what we are looking for are MOTORBIKES from the 60s that wouldn't look out of place parked out side this café.
As this café is set in the UK all bikes must be British models 1965 or earlier Nortons,Triumphs,Tigers,Royal Enfields,B.S.A  etc. not scoters.
Date of Filming: 28th April 08
Location: London film studios
Pay minimum: £110 Per Day (this will rise depending on what you are required to do on the day)
If you wish to take part in filming please email me the following information [email protected] or call the office on 0845 0090344.
We will need the following information:
Full name:
Measurements: Chest waist, etc
Contact number:
Where you are based:
Experience if applicable:
A current photo of:
1. Head shot,
2. Photo of your 60s Bike.
If you have any questions please feel free to call the office.
Kind Regards
Wayne Berko
T: 0845 0090344
M: 0790 3747452

BritBike Regalia Knitted Hats
Original Knitted Hats
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Comes in following variations:
  • Black color short beanie
  • Black color long beanie
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