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BritBike Events 2008
The Three State Mountain Ride
(our 8th year)
When: weekend of May 17th, 2008.

Blowing Rock Inn in beautiful downtown Blowing Rock, NC.
Vintage motorcycle Days (our 8th year)
Mid-Ohio 2008 July 25-27
Lexington Ohio, USA

Marque of the year is Triumph
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BritBikeNews #73
For British motorcycle enthusiasts 
Jan 2008
Hi Editor,

We heve finally produced some regalia and it is a pleasure to present a t-shirt with the famous dirttrack race photo taken on #10 Neil Keen at Tulare CA 1961. The print turned out real good. Read more below.
Don't forget to send related news or stories that you wish to be published in this newsletter.
Wish You a prosperous 2008!

Morgan Johansson
 For Triumph collectors
A clip from another topic discussed on BritBike Forum
Dear Triumph Collectors,
For some time there has been reference made by collectors to an official list of specially modified for AMA dirt track racing Triumph T120R Bonneville motorcycles. Commonly they are reffered to as the "RT". Recently the list,probably complete, was discovered in the AMA Homologation files that were transferred to the Motorcycle Hall of Fame Museum about 20 years ago. One collector has already told me this list is the "Holy Grail" of Triumph motorcycle collecting and will be useful in identfying which machines were offically modified with a suffix added to to their serial numbers.

If you have a machine you feel may be from the 200 and some machines in the batches of RT's prepped on the east and west coasts we will compare those numbers to the lists for you. Please send us your serial numbers and state whether they are with a chassis, and if yes, what chassis number in cases where the engine is in a frame other than the original. We will supply back to you on Museum letterhead a statement of whether the number is from the lists in our files. We will keep these homologation numbers and your provided information in our files and confidential. By the way, it will ease the process if you can also supply a self addressed envelope for return of the verification document.
It is nice to know that much of the good work of the Triumph corporation is well cared for in the hands of passionate collectors. Keep up the good work.
Thanks for your interest.
Mark Mederski
Executive Director
13515 Yarmouth Drive
Pickering, Oh 43147

PS The Marque of The Year at AMA Vintage Motorcycle Days, July 25-27 is Triumph. Please plan to attend with your best machines. If you would like to bring a bike for the exclusive Triumph Museum display please let me know. And don't forget to check out the AMA website for more information. Regalia, T-shirts, decals etc
 BritBike Regalia "T-shirts"
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 BritBike #10 Neil Keen t-shirts.
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BritBike Decals

 BritBike Regalia "Decals"
 BritBike Decals
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 British Motorcycle CD-Manuals

CD - Manuals
Manuals, Spare lists, Instruction books, Service sheets & lots more
Hundreds of Books scanned into PDF format.
All books are printable if you need a close up to bring to your shop unless you take your laptop with you.
The CD's are for:
BSA, Norton, Triumph, AJS & Matchless and Lucas AMAL Girling & Smith.
Price: $69.00 each or $299.00 for all five.
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