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    BritBike Newsletter #72
    Save $$$$ order Your CD-Manual before Jan 5th
    Late December 2007

    CD Manuals Greetings BritBiker!

    2007 is coming to the end. had a great year. Our calendar sold out before Christmas. If you wish to contribute with photos for next year calendar or advertise contact us soon so we can put you on our to do list.

    In next issue we will publish a range of BritBike products. T-shirts, Decals and Hats.

    Before above happen You can save $$$$ if You order the CD-Manual you have been thinking on buying.
    The CD's are due for a price raise Jan 5th 2008.

    If You have news or information that You think our BritBikeNews readers would appreciate don't hesitate - send an email to us and if possible include photos.

    Last we would like to thank you all for 2007 and wish you a Happy New Year 2008.

    Ride Safe
    Morgan Johansson
    [email protected]

    Halcyon % Stadium Halcyon & Stadium Classic Parts
    BritBike presents Halcyon & Stadium goggles, mirrors & accessories

    Back in 1982 Halcyon bought the tooling and rights to the goggles and classic motorcycle accessories from a company called Stadium, who had been making the same products since 1950. For the last 25 years we have continued to manufacture these products using the same hands on methods with a skilled workforce within the UK.
    We take pride in the fact that we continue to produce the finest quality British made motorcycle mirrors and the timeless Halcyon motorcycle goggles, without compromising on our quality, even though the costs of manufacturing in the United Kingdom has spiralled over the past decade.
    Despite imitations being produced in China for the mass markets, we have managed to keep a healthy customer base thanks to the owners of Vintage bikes choosing quality over price.

    Best Wishes
    Simon Tunnard

    Halcyon complete range of classic motorcycle products can be viewed on their website

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