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  • Velocette treasure for sale!
  • Bonneville Vintage GP
  • BSA CD-Manual
  • Triumph CD-Manual
  • Norton CD-Manual
  • AJS Matchless CD-Manual

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    Three State Mountain Ride

    Official BritBike Meeting
    Blowing Rock NC

    May 19/20/21, 2006
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    Three State Mountain Ride Board

    Mid-Ohio Vintage Motorcycle Days

    Official BritBike Meeting
    Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course
    Lexington, Ohio

    July 28-30, 2006
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    Mid-Ohio Vintage Motorcycle Days Board

    BritBike Newsletter #45
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    April 2006

    Dear Morgan,

    A big thanks to thank our readers that send feedback to us and to those who send information which we can publish. Keep it coming folks!

    We have plans to make water slide decals/transfers and stickers with our BritBike logo (see above).
    Anybody out there with info on good quality suppliers? If so email me back please. The winning lead will receive a set after production.

    Ride Safe
    Morgan Johansson
    [email protected]

    Velocette treasure for sale!
    Letter from a reader

    Hello Morgan,
    I am a receiver of the mag as my father has been a Velocette enthusiast since Jesus played fullback for the Jerusalem Park Rangers.
    He's getting a bit long in the tooth now and wants to see his beloved bits go to a good home, before he does, if you know what I mean. Anyway, attached is the gear he's got so if there's any way that we could advertise it in your all encompassing mag then that would be much appreciated.
    Gary Chesson. Perth Western Australia.

    Ed's note: Well Gary it's done: click on below link, let me know if I shall open up the topic for replies.

    Following Velocette parts are for sale in Western Australia. Click here!

    Bonneville Vintage GP
    Press Release from Tom Kullen:

    New event non-profit:
    AHRMA vintage road races, Vintage Bike Concour d' Elegance, Vendors, Swap Meet, Custom Bike Show at the new Miller Motorsports Park, Utah.
    Finally an event in the West to take the place of Steamboat Springs, Park City, and Vintage Days West at Sears Point.

    Event Dates: September 14th - 17th, 2006

    Read more here!

    BSA CD-Manual
    The very best BSA compilation ever produced! Buy this CD & You support

    4th Edition The BSA Double-CD

    Covers some 1930’s models, the wartime SV, and almost all models from 1945 to 1973.
    HUGE Service Sheet section! This is the “must have” collection for anyone who owns, maintains, restores, or just loves BSA motorcycles.

    Read more about BSA CD-Manuals!

    Order Your BSA, Triumph, AJS-Matchless, Norton & Lucas CD-Manuals here!

    Triumph CD Triumph CD-Manual
    The very best Triumph compilation ever produced! Buy this CD & You support

    Triumph Fourth edition The Triumph Double- CD
    The Triumph Collection covers almost every Triumph model from 1935 to 1985, with Spare Parts Lists, Workshop Manuals, Service Sheets, or technical articles. The fourth edition has now grown so large it is a double-CD, over 1GB of material in all.

    Read more about Triumph CD-Manuals!

    Order Your BSA, Triumph, AJS-Matchless, Norton & Lucas CD-Manuals here!

    Norton CD Manual Norton CD-Manual
    The very best Norton compilation ever produced! Buy this CD & You support

    The Norton CD is now into its FOURTH EDITION, and covers not just the Commando, but all the so- called "heavy-weight" twins (as opposed to the under- 400 cc twins) and the "classic" singles - the ES2, the International, and of course the Manx. AND, we even have a post- Commando bike covered, with the inclusion of the workshop manual for the rotary-engine Interpol 2. There is a rebuild manual which also covers the LIGHTWEIGHT TWINS, and the Commando section has been added to with another Parts List, Stage 2 Tuning Notes for the 850, and other minor service-related matters. There is of course a complete set of factory- issued Service Sheets for the Commando (over 170 pages worth!). AND we have added a new Maintenance Manual for the 16H, Big 4, 18, & ES2 singles, and more "memorabilia". There is also a NEW Engine Data Base which covers from the 1946 Model 18 to the 1963 Atlas. This is a single-CD set.

    Read more about Norton CD-Manuals!

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    AJS Matchless CD-Manual AJS Matchless CD-Manual
    The very best AJS Matchless compilation ever produced! Buy this CD & You support

    This CD covers AJS and/or Matchless machines from 1926 almost without any breaks right through to 1967 for Parts Lists, plus fifteen workshop manuals or out-of- print service and maintenance textbooks covering much the same period. Both twins and singles are covered, and one of the workshop manuals is a Norton Matchless full-on Workshop Manual that covers ALL models (up to 650 cc twins) from 1957 to 1966. The Norton-engined models are well-covered too in other works, and there are lots of lovely reproductions of sales brochures from various periods as well as some excellent histories of the Matchless marque and engine number details. This is a very complete compilation and a MUST for the AJS/Matchless enthusiast. This is a single-CD set

    Read more about AJS-Matchless CD-Manuals!

    Order Your BSA, Triumph, AJS-Matchless, Norton & Lucas CD-Manuals here!
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